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Celebrate the holidays with 12 Days of Econ & Herschel

As a way of showing our appreciation, we invite you to visit our 12 Days of Econ page!

We have partnered with Herschel to bring you holiday cheer for economists of all ages!

Beginning today through December 21, we will release all the episodes from Herschel's World of Economics for a limited time!

A new video will be shared each day. In addition, be sure to check in everyday to see if Herschel left any gifts of his own!

We will announce when the videos are released on different communication or social media channels every day. Be sure to subscribe and follow ICEE on:


12 Days of Econ

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Econ Poster/Art Contest (for Students in Grades 1-12)

It's never too early to begin creating your 2017 Econ Concept Posters! The Econ Poster Contest is being held for students in grades 1 through 12 and is a great opportunity for your students to express their creativity while learning important economic concepts. Prizes will be awarded to the top entries! Please have your entries postmarked to ICEE by May 30, 2017.

See contest details as well as images from last year's winners at Or, pass along the contest information to your Art teacher!

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The mission of the ICEE is to prepare students to become active citizens and productive members of our economy by providing them with the ability to make sound economic decisions.