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2017 Campaign for a $mart Indiana

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ICEE wants every student to have a well-rounded education that includes
economics and personal finance.

Students will be required throughout their lives to make economic decisions important for their own well-being and to understand and make decisions about public policy issues.  Financial literacy researcher Annamarie Lusardi (2013) noted, "Financial literacy is a basic but essential skill for living in the 21stcentury. It is what reading and writing was for previous generations; somebody who could not read and write could not fully participate in society, just as today, somebody who is not financially literate cannot fully participate in the modern economy." 

The Indiana Council for Economic Education (ICEE) is asking for your support in the 2017 Campaign for a Smart Indiana to ensure that every student is prepared. Help ICEE raise $20,000 for 2017/18.

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ICEE's goal is to create a thorough understanding of economics and personal finance that contribute not only to students' personal success, but also to the successes of the businesses, institutions, and governments in which they will participate.

Smart Indiana Logo "Economics and personal finance are essential components in making sure students are college, career and civically ready," says ICEE Executive Director Jeff Sanson. "Unfortunately, these subjects are often crowded out at elementary grade levels or not required at the high school level."

Fortunately, Indiana has laid the groundwork that ensures when instruction is offered, the academic standards for these subjects are rigorous and thorough.

Preparing teachers and educators is an important step for increasing and improving the level of financial and economic education that students experience.  According to a 2009 study of a national sample of K-12 teachers, financed by the National Endowment for Financial Education, about 80% of states have guidelines or standards for financial education (including Indiana), and 89% of teachers agree that financial education should be included in K-12. However, very few teachers reported feeling competent to teach financial education based on their pre-service education; additional pre-service and in-service programs for teachers are sorely needed.

"Thanks to our state network of university centers for economic education, we have resources around the state that provide the needed support," said ICEE Board Chair, Chris Fenner. "However, we need additional financial support from other community partners to scale up and serve even more teachers."

In 2016-17, ICEE supported approximately 700 teachers across Indiana. From 2014-16, at least one teacher from 80 of Indiana's 92 counties had participated in an ICEE program. In order to continue to serve and expand our outreach, ICEE is launching the 2017 Smart Indiana Campaign. To join the effort and be included in this celebrated event, send your contribution today!

The impact of teacher professional development has been well documented.  Several studies have concluded that students taught by teachers who are better trained in both subject matter and instructional resources, and who are using good curricular materials, will have significantly stronger achievement levels in economics and personal finance.  Early intervention and teaching students with motivating and relevant instruction can mitigate economic illiteracy and increase the likelihood of adopting habits that lead to wiser decision making in their lives.     

Teachers attending workshop "We are at an important point where we need to increase our capacity to serve teachers and students. Every gift - whether $20.17 or $2,017 - makes a difference," says Sanson. "These funds will enable ICEE and our Center network to continue to implement a successful multi-faceted approach, which includes providing teacher professional development, coordinating student academic programs, simulations and contest, recognizing exemplary and effective practice, and developing innovative curriculum."

"The support and resources that ICEE and the Centers provide are tremendous," said Shanan Riegle, an Award Winning Teacher from Yorktown. "While they go about their work quietly, when they connect with just one teacher, they are making a huge difference that lasts for years and impacts hundreds - sometimes thousands of students."

2017 Campaign for a $mart Indiana

Champion - $2,017        Partner - $217        Friend - $20.17


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