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Campaign for a $mart Indiana

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ICEE wants every student to have a well-rounded education that includes
economics and personal finance.

At ICEE, we want every student to better understand and apply economic thinking and financial decisionSmart Indiana Logo making in their lives. So we provide learning opportunities for K-12 teachers and students in economics and personal finance in order to prepare them to be effective citizens and decision makers. The ICEE works with a statewide network of partnerships with higher education, government, business, agriculture, and non-profits to provide leadership, workshops, classroom simulations and academic competitions, academic standards and curriculum materials and recognize excellence in classroom instruction.

While you might not be familiar with ICEE, you may have experienced or seen your own children learn from an approach that a teacher discovered in an ICEE sponsored workshop.

For example, maybe your daughter or son has participated in a classroom mini-economy or classroom business, where students assume roles similar to those in a real world economy. They have the opportunity to earn income through a classroom job and make financial decisions such as how much to save for a goal and when to spend it. This provides the chance to practice making decisions in a safe supportive environment.

Listen to national and state award winning elementary teacher, Justine Skillman describe the impact of a classroom business on students.

Or maybe when you were in school, you worked on a team to manage a hypothetical portfolio of investments in a stock market simulation. Not only did you observe and participate in financial markets, but got to make savings and financial investment decisions. These are representative of strategies that not only make instruction interesting, but are among the evidenced based approaches that we feature in programming.


The Indiana Council for Economic Education (ICEE) is asking for your support in the Campaign for a Smart Indiana to ensure that every student is prepared. Help ICEE raise $20,200 for 2019/20.

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ICEE's goal is to create a thorough understanding of economics and personal finance that contribute not only to students' personal success, but also to the successes of the businesses, institutions, and governments in which they will participate.

Teachers attending workshop

Recent feedback from teachers.

"These programs have been able to help my students become rational and responsible adults in an ever-changing world.

"The ICEE has been a great source of information, seminars and speakers over the past many years that I have been attending their programs."

"My students benefit from what I am able to achieve because of these invaluable programs. "

"The support and resources that ICEE and the Centers provide are tremendous."

"Practical application - I feel like I have ways I can put these into my classroom now."

Campaign for a $mart Indiana

Champion - $2,020        Partner - $220        Friend - $20.20


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