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Entrepreneurship Youth Institute

The Entrepreneurship Youth Institute is sponsored by the Indiana Council for Economic Education (ICEE). The program introduces students to the basics of entrepreneurship and business in a motivating, interesting way.

Program flyer and registration form.

For the October program at Purdue, enrollment is open to High Schools in WIRED region only. (See Indiana WIRED website for list of 14 counties.)


About the Entrepreneurship Youth Institute

The Entrepreneurship Youth Institute (EYI) offers a unique partnership of high schools, universities, and the business community.  The Entrepreneurship Youth Institute uses the expertise of entrepreneurs, as well as faculty and staff to promote entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to high school students in a motivating and interactive way.  High school students and teachers are introduced to a wide range of entrepreneurial endeavors and have the opportunity to interact with local entrepreneurs and students from different schools.

Why is this important?

Economic growth in the U.S. and Indiana has been and will increasingly become reliant on the jobs created by the efforts of entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, it is uncertain if future students will fulfill the role of entrepreneur as a career.  Many students report having little knowledge of how to start a business and fewer students enroll in business or entrepreneurship courses.  Beyond lack of knowledge, students may also face hurdles such as access to entrepreneurial role models and support networks.  Participation in the EYI can make a positive contribution towards creating a climate that embraces entrepreneurship.

Program Goals

  • Teach basic economic concepts relating to entrepreneurship and starting a business
  • Expose teachers and students to successful entrepreneurs' business ventures
  • Encourage students to start their own businesses
  • Encourage students and teachers to explore connections between science innovations and business opportunities
  • Connect youth entrepreneurs with community and university resources that support entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Provide a context for teachers to work together across the curriculum

2008 Program site

Program Fee

There is no fee to attend. 

For More Information

Questions, contact Jeff Sanson at or 765-494-0188.