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Family Financial Fun Night

What is Family Financial Fun Night?

Family Financial Fun Night is a one hour fun family event in a local elementary school (after school hours). The goal is to create experiences that will promote conversations at home about money management.

ICEE and community partners facilitate this program at elementary schools. The event brings together students and their families for a fun evening to learn about the importance of personal finance. The experience creates an open dialogue about topics such as savings, spending, debt, and budgeting that are often not talked about at the dinner table.

During the event, students and their parents participate and learn together through six rotating money management activities modeled on real-world personal finance scenarios that help improve financial decision-making.

Each station focuses on a money management topic such as saving, spending, budgeting, etc. ICEE works with the school and community partners to prepare volunteers to facilitate the activities at each station. Family Financial Fun Nighs can be integrated into an existing parent night event or create a new stand-alone experience!

How You Can Help

If you would like to partner with ICEE to host a Family Financial Fun Night, contact JW Fansler to begin the process of creating a memorable family learning experience!

Thank you for your interest!



Family Financial Fun Night at
Lowell Elementary School, Indianapolis

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