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Classroom Mini-Economy

About the Mini-Economy

The Classroom Mini-Economy, developed by the Indiana Department of Education and adopted by the Council for Economic Education, NY is a hands-on form of instruction that prepares students to function in today's rapidly changing and independent society. By organizing their own economy, students learn economic concepts, money management, and decision-making skills. Students also experience entrepreneurship and real life by operating their own classroom businesses.

The curriculum shows teachers how to implement the mini-economy in their classrooms with an advanced section dedicated to middle school classes. It also includes an Economic Primer for Teachers, Reproducible Mini-Economy Aids, and Student Worksheets.

You can order a copy of the Classroom Mini-Economy from the Council for Economic Education or get one free at an Indiana Council workshop (See right sidebar or homepage).

Mini-Economy Pre/Post Test

ICEE has worked in cooperation with the Purdue Extension Office to develop some test instruments to use in conjunction with the Mini-Economy or other economics instruction. There are two tests, one designed approximately for grades 2-3, the other for grades 4-6.

There is a teacher version of each test, which gives the answer key and also keys the questions to the Indiana Economics Standards. Please feel free to download and use these tests (in PDF version) with your students. (If you have some success stories about how well your students did on the test please let us know. Perhaps the class of another teacher who did not have economics instruction could be a “control group.”) Likewise, if there are errors or questions that you feel need to be rewritten, please contact us. We are open to improving the test.

Student Attitude Survey towards Business and Economics

Pre- and post-test your students so see how their attitudes towards business and economics have changed during the school year.

Mini-Economy Workshops