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Participate in the FREE $mart Indiana Stock Market Program!

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September 2016

The $mart Indiana Stock Market Program allows your students to have the most updated, realistic trading experience.

This fall, teachers can use the Stock Market Simulation with standard rules, or their students can opt into the new, “Take Stock in Indiana” competition. In addition, the Smart Indiana Essay Competition, and $mart Indiana Infographic Competitions are available to any Indiana students who participate in one of our stock competitions. Then, in the spring, even more competitions will be available for students including the, “Financial Markets Competition,” and the “Commodities Challenge.” Finally, teachers have the opportunity to participate in simulations that are not competitive (enrichment sessions). These simulations will be available throughout the year.

We've added some new features in the $mart Indiana Stock Market Program, For example, it will be easy to link your classroom with a local volunteer, thereby strengthening community connections between schools and financial professionals. Teachers, please tell your local investment and banking professionals, and friends about this opportunity.

We are excited about this new opportunity and we hope you are too. To check out our new options or to register, go to or For questions, or to request a teacher workshop, contact J.W. Fansler at

[ Indiana Stock Market Program details - Dates and Compeitions ]

[ Indiana Stock Market Program Registration ]

2016 Economic Poster Contest Winners!

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September 2016 We are pleased to congratulate and recognize the winners of the 2016 Economic Poster Contest.

2016 Winners

  • Trystin K. Central International Middle School, Teacher: Mary Page
  • Elizabeth S. Triton Central High School, Teacher: Laura Duncan
  • Jillian T. Honey Creek Middle School, Teacher: Amy Barbour
  • Alexa S. Thompkins Middle School, Teacher: Rebekah Hodge
  • Madison M. Roosevelt Middle School, Teacher: Lisa Foerg
  • A.C. Roosevelt Middle School, Teacher: Lisa Foerg
  • Elliot M. St. Joseph Grade School, Teacher: Joan Kraska
  • Bryan R. Anderson High School, Teacher: Mike Fox
  • Bethany B. Triton Central High School, Teacher: Laura Duncan
  • Claire W. Honey Creek Middle School, Teacher: Mrs. Cox

Go to to view this year's winning posters.

[ ]

Kindergarten - 8th Grade Economics Resource Guides

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June 2016 These resource guides were developed for teachers to assist with economics instruction. The resources in these guides are among the best print and web-based lesson plans available from the Council for Economic Education (CEE), the Indiana Council for Economic Education (ICEE) including the KidsEcon Posters (KEP) materials, and other research based sources.

Kindergarten Econ Resource Guide (pdf)
1st Grade Econ Resource Guide (pdf)
2nd Grade Econ Resource Guide (pdf)
3rd Grade Econ Resource Guide (pdf)
4th Grade Econ Resource Guide (pdf)
5th Grade Econ Resource Guide (pdf)
6th Grade Econ Resource Guide (pdf)
7th Grade Econ Resource Guide (pdf)
8th Grade Econ Resource Guide (pdf)

For related assessments, be sure to register (no financial cost) for the Council for Economic Education's Online Assessment Center.