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ICEE Past, Present, and Future

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March 2014 ICEE is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Jeff Sanson, Executive Director of the ICEE talks with WBAA's Mike Loizzo about the history of ICEE and what is planned for the future.

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Gen I Revolution Contest

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March 2014

Get Ready for the Gen I Revolution Contest -- Let the gaming begin!

Gen i Revolution Contest, Search for the Sweet 16th

If you haven’t already, sign up and register your class for free access to Gen I Revolution.

Encourage your students to play and explore the 15 missions to learn important personal finance concepts.

While playing, brainstorm ideas for a new 16th Mission.

The 16th Mission should fall within one of these six categories:

  1. Earning Income
  2. Buying Goods and Services
  3. Saving
  4. Using Credit
  5. Financial Investing
  6. Protecting and Insuring

Winners get prizes and the chance to have their mission actually developed and added to CEE’s free online personal finance game - Gen I Revolution!

Applications accepted starting April 1st.

Play | Follow | Learn About the Contest | Sample Video | Written Application

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2014 Survey of the States

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February 2014 Find out about the state of K–12 economic and financial education in the United States. Every two years, the Council for Economic Education (CEE) conducts a comprehensive look into the state of K-12 economic and financial education in the United States, collecting data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The 2014 Survey of the States shows notable progress over the past 15 years since the first survey was conducted.

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$mart Indiana

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January 2014 $mart Indiana is a project of the Indiana Council for Economic Education (ICEE). The goal is to promote and enhance the learning opportunities in personal finance for youth in both formal and informal education. This project provides the support and resources including professional development for teachers, educators and other youth outreach providers in the area of financial literacy.

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