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Summer 2013

ICEE Calendar of Events
Personal Finance Challenge
Personal Finance Programs
Economics Concept Art Contest
Stock Market Game
Econ Challenge
Art and Economics
Centers for Economic Education
Newest Executive Committee Member

Summer 2013
Volume 20 Issue 1

New KidsEcon Posters Website
ICEE Calendar of Events
Teaching  Economics Through Entrepreneurship
Economics is Elementary
Personal Finance Integration Project
New Publication—Entrepreneurship
Teachers are “Falling” for Econ Camp
The Economics of Sustainable Energy
Econ and Finance Challenges
Annual Awards Program
Investing and the Importance of Economic Literacy

Fall 2012
Annual Report   2010-11
Volume 19 Issue 3 Herschel Puppet Available
Key Teacher Program
Jeff Sanson to Lead ICEE
ICEE Beneficiary of IHCDA Golf Outing
Energy, Economics, and Environment Workshop at IU South Bend
New Herschel DVD
Annual Awards Program
Why Give
Fall 2011
Volume 19 Issue 2 Econ Challenge
Summer Workshops
Annual Awards Program
Calendar Contest Winners
CBE Teacher Wins Golden Apple
Herschel II
CBE workshop in South Bend
ICHDA Golf Tournament
Coach's Dilemma
St. Joseph HS South Bend Wins Fed Challenge
SMG Winners
Why Give?
Spring 2011
Volume 19 Issue 1 Annual Awards
Classroom Business Students Support ICEE
Econ Challenge
Teacher Quality Grant
Senator Lugar Energy Summit
New IUSB Center Director
BSU Center Director Wins Technology Award
CEE Annual Conference
SMG Fall Winners
Kokomo Students Business Fair
Personal Finance Project
Why Give
Winter 2011
Annual Report   2009-10
Volume 18 Issue 3 Calendar Contest Winners
Carmel HS 3rd in National Econ Challenge
CBE Workshop
Kazanjian Grant - Match Needed
Status of Social Studies in K-5 Curriculum
Annual Awards Program
ICEE Hosts Mexican Educators
SMG Update
ISU Center Hosts Workshop at Yellowstone National Park
Why Give?
Fall 2010
Volume 18 Issue 2 SOS & ICEE Partnership
New CEE President
Mayflower Mill Students Contribute to ICEE Econ Challenge Results
CBE Showcase
InvestWrite & SMG Winners
Graduate Credit Workshops
Indiana Michigan Power Partners with ICEE
Calendar Contest Winners
St. Joseph HS Wins Fed Challenge
Why Give?
Spring 2010
Volume 18 Issue 1 Personal Finance Institute
CBE Increases Student Knowledge of Economics
New Executive Committee Members
Get Ready for the Challenge
New Center Director
Econ Camp
ICEE Receives Adam Smith Award
Annual Awards Program
Great News from Secretary of State
ICEE's Partnership with AYS
Why Give?
Winter 2010
Annual Report   2008-09
Volume 17 Issue 3

HS Students Teach Economics
IHCDA Golf Outing
Financial Institute for Indianapolis Teachers
ICEE & Herschel at State Fair
New Personal Finance Posters
Graduate Credit Workshops
Calendar Contest Winners
Why Give?

Fall 2009
Volume 17 Issue 2

Econ Challenge
SMG Wrap Up
Reaching Teachers Through Technology
Graduate Credit Workshops
New KidsEcon Posters
Classroom Business Showcase
Revised Financial Literacy Posters
Dr. Tony Bennett Joins Directors Circle
Why Give?

Spring 2009
Volume 17 Issue 1

Econ Camps - Now There Are Two
Stock Prices Down, Fall SMG Numbers Up
Investigating Entrepreneurship
ICEE Honors 2008 Award Winners
Classroom Business Enterprise Program Off and Running
ICEE Ready to Help Schools With Social Studies ISTEP
Economics & Entrepreneurship
Why Give?

Winter 2009
Annual Report   2007-08
Volume 16 Issue 3 Annual Awards Program
Econ Camp North & South
SMGTM Impacts Student Learning
Memorable NYSE Workshop
InvestWrite Judges Needed
The Importance of Economic Understanding
ICEE Graduate-Credit Workshops
Indiana Teams Win National Economic Challenge
Why Give?
Fall 2008
Volume 16 Issue 2

Entrepreneurship Youth Institute
Stock Market GameTM Awards
Classroom Business Enterprise Project
New Executive Committee Members
Financing Your Future Workshops
Economics Challenge Results
Convenience Is Important When Making a Gift

Spring 2008
Volume 16 Issue 1 ICEE Appointment of Chair!
ICEE Continues Entrepreneurship Outreach
New Poster Set on Interest Coming Soon
Stock Market Game
Economics in My Elementary Classroom - Kris Presley
ICEE Honors Award Winners at Annual Program
Why Give?
Winter 2008
Annual Report   2006-07
Volume 15 Issue 3 ICEE Director and Purdue Center Receive Awards
Herschel DVD Coming Soon
ICEE Completes Graduate Credit Workshops
Econ & Fed Challenge
SMG News
Fall Is In the Air
Fall 2007
Volume 15 Issue 2 Entrepreneurship with Mini-Economy Program
Herschel the Dog
2007 Summer Workshops
Room 230 inc.
Spring Brings New Funding Opportunities
SMG Spring 2007 Winners
Entrepreneurship Poster
Spring 2007
Volume 15 Issue 1 SMG and InvestWrite
Getting our Hands Dirty
- EYI 2006
Why Give?
Study Tour to Lithuania
ICEE and Center Affiliation
Winter 2007
Annual Report   2005-06
Volume 14 Issue 3 Word from the Director
Olin Davis Winners
Economic Education: The Key to a Better Future
New Essay Award for SMG Participants
Indiana Teachers Participate in NYSE Workshop
Fall 2006
Volume 14 Issue 2 Econ Challenge Winners
Calendar Contest Winners
Stock Market Award Winners
Publication Revisions
Stock Market Game
Spring 2006
Volume 14 Issue 1 International Activities
KidsEcon Posters Grow
New Executive Committee Members
Take Stock in Indiana
New Teacher Award
Virtual Economics 3.0
Winter 2006
Volume 13 Issue 2 Econ Challenge Winners
Calendar Contest Winners
2005 Summer Workshops
Fulbright Winner
SMS Winners Help Classmate
Spring 2005
Volume 13 Issue 1 Award Winners
Econ Camp
Fall SMS winners
Open the GATE to Economic Education
Winter 2005
Volume 12 Issue 2 Springtime & Econ
Olin Davis Winners
2003-04 Contributors
Cookbook Kids

Fall 2004

Volume 12 Issue 1 Winners Announced
Econ Challenge
Young Economist
Indiana SMS
NASADAQ Teaching Awards
2004 Summer Workshops
Spring 2004
Volume 11 Issue 4 Economics Brings Us Together
Teachers Share Economics Award
From Previous Director
Silent Auction
ELITE Training Institute
ICEE's 50th Year Celebration
Annual Contributor's Report
Fall 2003
Volume 11 Issue 3 Economics: A Dismal Science? Spring 2003
Volume 11 Issue 2 Econ Education:
A Family Affair
IDOE Grants
Center Review Team
Training the Writers Program
Econ Camp 2002
Holiday Mini-Mall Experience
Winter 2003
Volume 11 Issue 1 Nat'l Summit on Econ & Fin. Lit
Financial Lit. Update
Meet Jeff Sanson
IU S. Bend Endowed
2002 Award Winners
Econ Challenge
Fall 2002
Volume 10 Issue 3 New KidsEcon Posters©
Clinton Prairie Classroom Mini-Economy
SBC Ameritech Young Economist Awards
2002 Summer Workshops
Spring SMS
Ah, Spring!
Spring 2002
Volume 10 Issue 2 Econ Camp - Camp Limberlost Revisited E.L.I.T.E. Institute
2001 Awards Scenes
Kids Econ Posters©
I.D.O.E. 2001-2002 Economic Education Grants
I.C.E.E. Technology
Financial Fitness for Life
Winter 2002
Volume 10 Issue 1 International Connections and Visitors, Econ Exchange, Calendar Contest, Econ Challenge Teams, and Awards Fall2001
Volume 9 Issue 3 New Staff, new IU Bloomington Center and the 2001 Economics Challenge Spring 2001
Volume 9 Issue 2 Annual Awards for Excellence and New Stock Market Simulation program Winter 2001
Volume 9 Issue 1
Volume 8 Issue 3
Economic Literate Legacy,ICEE-related Awards/Programs, and Econ Expo Fall 2000