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Indiana Stock Market Program

A Real World Teaching Tool

Get your students excited about learning! Using actual data from the stock markets, teams of students are given a hypothetical $100,000 to create and manage a portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Before they know it, students are learning about financial markets such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), understanding the basics of personal investing and enhancing skills learned in math, reading, and technology.

2018-19 Game Competition Dates  

Custom Sessions
(Additional Custom Sessions Available)
Competition Sessions
09/04/18 to 11/09/18 09/24/18 to 11/30/18 (Fall)
09/17/18 to 05/10/19 01/28/19 to 04/05/19 (Spring)
10/22/18 to 02/08/19 Fall Infographic and Essay Competition Submit by
November 30th
01/15/19 to 03/22/19 Spring Infographic and Essay Competition Submit by
April 5th
03/18/19 to 05/23/19  
Teacher Experience  
07/30/18 to 05/31/19  

The difference between a competition session and the custom session is that regional and state awards are not offered during the custom sessions. The custom sessions were created to be used as practice forums and to accommodate schedules that were unable to participate during the competition session.

Why Use the Indiana Stock Market Program in Your Classroom?

The Indiana Stock Market Program is a widely popular teaching tool used in grades four through twelve. The Stock Market Program is popular because it fits into many different disciplines and activities such as social studies, math, business education, and even language arts. Teachers can organize the program to fit their particular needs. The Stock Market Program can also be used as an extra-curricular activity.

  • Learn about the financial and economic system of the United States.
  • Learn the value of personal saving and investing in planning for the future.
  • Study current events to analyze how they affect financial and economic decisions.
  • Apply sound investment principles to avoid investment “scams.”
  • Learn how to gather information from newspapers and on-line sources.
  • Develop skills necessary for working in groups.
  • Apply skills learned in other subject areas.

Indiana Stock Market Program Basics

The ICEE offers training workshops/webinars throughout the year. Webinars last approximately one hour and they are free-of-charge throughout the state for participating teachers. For training dates and registration e-mail or call (765) 494-8544.

Students will compete according to the rules for each contest. During the standard contest, students are awarded based on their portfolio value. In addition, other contests such as the $mart Indiana Essay Competition and the Infographic Competition both rely on judges who are highly specialized in investing. The contest winning teams will receive prizes and recognition.

The Stock Market Program has zero cost for students and teachers. Funding is provided through genersous support of community members and local businesses.

Visit the following links for a complete set of Indiana Stock Market Progam rules.

Register for your team accounts and passwords on line at Be sure to complete all the information. Upcom registering, you will receive all materials necessary to participate in the program, including team numbers and supporting resources for classroom instruction.

Teacher Resources:
Resources, lessons, activities, videos and quizzes are avilable upon registration.

Sponsors and Partners

Office of the Indiana Secretary of State
First Federal Savings Bank, Rochester
Goelzer Investment Management
Old National Bank Foundation
PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union, Muncie
CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings Plan

Centers for Economic Education
Indiana University Northwest
Indiana University South Bend
Ball State University
Purdue University
Indiana University Kokomo
Indiana State University
Indiana University East
University of Southern Indiana
Indiana University Southeast

For More Information

J.W. Fansler
Stock Market Program Coordinator
Help Desk Phone 765-494-8544

The Stock Market Program
is presented in Indiana by
the Indiana Council for Economic Education
Major support provided by the Office of the Indiana Secretary of State, Securities Division

stock market program


Your Stock Market Program Coordinator

JW Fansler
Phone: 765-494-8544

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Fall 2017 Infographic Finalists


First Federal Savings Bank

Goelzer Investment Management

Old National Bank

Prime Trust Federal Credit Union

CollegeChoice 529

Other Resources

Indiana Stock List (pdf)
A list of 200 companies headquartered or with a significance presence in Indiana