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Workshop Preview

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CEE Webinar: Macroeconomics 301: GDP, Unemployment & Inflation as Indicators

Date(s) of the workshop: July  2, 2020  
Time of the workshop: 7:00-8:00pm ET  
Location: Your Computer  
Contact: Council for Economic Education, NY  
Contact Phone: 212-730-6728  
Registration Fee: No Charge!  
Workshop Description:

Attn: 9-12 Grade Teachers:

In this economics webinar, teachers will discuss how GDP, unemployment and inflation are tools used to analyze the market climate. These three macroeconomic reports work like snapshots to illustrate the health of a nationís economy and its output in relation to others

Teachers will be able to:

  • Understand what the three main economic indicators are.
  • Understand their potential strengths and shortcomings as metrics.

Presenter: Matthew Gherman, Edward R Murrow High School, NY

The Council for Economic Education, NY, offers free professional development training wherever you are! Watch a webinar for a minimum of 45 minutes and you will receive a certificate of completion.

When you participate in the webinar(s), you will leave with relevant lessons, resources and tools that can be implemented right away. If you are interested, but cannot attend the live webinar, go to, login with your EconEdLink account (or set up an account) and you may view numerous On-Demand webinars including ones you've missed.

Webinars are offered by the Council for Economic Education, New York, at no charge! So, take advantage of this learning opportunity today!
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